12 volt electron beam conversion?

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Oct 21, 2014
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Would anyone be interested in me posting instructions on how to modify the Estes Electron Beam to use an external 12 volt battery? I ask because it would take a while to write and I don't want to do it if no one will benefit from it. If I get some posts, I'll write the article and try to post some pictures.
No need to take the time. It's already been done before! If you've never been to Rocket Reviews before, check out this site - https://www.rocketreviews.com - there you'll find an article on <a href="https://www.rocketreviews.com/reviews/mods/est_electron_beam.html">how to modify an Electron Beam</a>.

It was a good thought though! ;)
actually I would be interested in your instructions...the Rocketreview post bu eugene, shows how to combine 2 electron launchers to use 8 AA cells to get 12 v which is different from modifying a single electron launcher to use an external 12 volt battery.... go ahead and write and post pics........
thank you snadman..I must have missed that thread..exactly what I was looking for....I have a former UPS 12V 11Ah battery that I want to interface to my electron beam.....