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12 assorted NIP rockets $50

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Feb 4, 2017
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Good condition. Paypal only, USA only, $15DSC_4284.jpgDSC_4292.jpgDSC_4291.jpgDSC_4290.jpgDSC_4289.jpgDSC_4288.jpgDSC_4287.jpgDSC_4286.jpgDSC_4285.jpgDSC_4293.jpg shipping. Do not say "ill take it" unless you have paypal ready to go. Price is firm and fair.
Not to criticize, but only picture #10 was in focus for me. Seems like a fair price indeed, but it's difficult to see what you're offering. Face card shots are helpful to identify the item, followed by component shots if you want to prove that the product is in the condition listed. I had a razor as a kid, so that's tempting, but I have too many LPR kits already, best of luck!
Still have these, it's all twelve for 45 plus shipping now.
Sold to rocketjoe who even included an extra $2 to cover pp fees, which o did not ask for but do appreciate