12/29/04 launch

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Dec 29, 2009
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After all the fun of christmas my sons and I decided to go out and launch some rockets. I asked my dad to come along and see if he could get some photos with his digital camera. After a couple tries he got the timing down perfect. He was using a fuji camera and he has a lot of experience as a amatuer photographer. Next time we are going to try a 35 mm so we can take a series of shots of one liftoff. The first shot is a quest triton x that belongs to my 5 year old. I like these quest quick kits because they are easy to assemble and they are durable.
Next was cosmic cobra. The launch was perfect and the chute and copter nose cone worked exactly right. I packed the parachute between the copter blades like others had advised on the post. It was so good both ends floated into a tree about two feet from each other.
Third rockets was my quest icarus that I modified with one shock cord between the lower and upper body tubes and used a Jflis
chute. It went up great but on the way down the upper payload section just helicoptered around the bottom part and twisted the chute into a mess. When I picked it up it had zippered the body tube and it looked like the ejection charge had popped and the two parts smashed together and scarred the paint. I will be going back to two chutes on this one.
Last rocket was estes fireflash. This one was put together with testors cement because my 9 year old wanted to assemble it and I was afraid to let him use the cya. It fell apart on the way down and when we got home I made repairs with cya so it should stay together now.
This last photo is my sons holding some of our rockets. You can see the stormcaster on the right painted Orange and White.
It has a 18 inch mylar chute and I was afraid to launch it due to the fact that the wind was blowing 7-10 mph. Oh yeah one more thing GO VOLS!!!
man, watching a sport rocket video earlier today then seeing all the launch reports! I wanna go flying!!!!!!
Ain't nothin' better than having your kids there to enjoy the fun. Thanx for sharing.
Good call on the Stormcaster. I lost my first one on its first launch.
I did launch it on an E instead of a D though. It really gets up there, and drifts badly on an 18 inch chute. You might want to go with a 16 inch or even 12 inch when you launch that one.
Some people even use a streamer, but that might be risky with those big swept back fins.

Great report and pics by the way.
Roll Tide. ;)

Make a few 18/24 adapters. That Stormcaster will still fly on a B6! :) I hate bringing out a high flying 'D' rocket and then not flying it due to wind! Since I'm addicted to BP, I like the 18/24 adapter. It can still fly, just not as high as you'd like, but it'll still fly!

I noticed the part about a Zipper on the Icarus. I also kept my Icarus together with a single shock cord. Despite your bad luck with the zipper, I think I'll stick with it. I really hate chasing after two parts of a rocket. One more thing, think of paint scars as "battle scars" :)

Sounds like a great time flying and thanks for the photos!