12” Mega Punisher Build Thread

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I posted this video recap of the Punisher's life thus far this morning:

The next flight is planned for Airfest 30 at the legendary Rocket Pasture on another full-load cluster of:
One N2000W
Three M1297Ws
Three L850Ws
for a total of 40,535.5 Ns, or 99% O impulse! We expect to surpass 15,000 feet and get very close to the speed of sound with this flight! We're waiting on a delivery from Aerotech to @WILDMANRS to get the outboard motors and we're sliiiiightly panicking at the moment about their availability. So, if you have an L850 or M1297 that you might be willing to part ways with, keep that in the forefront of your mind just in case we get to code red lol

Better still, it will be joined by its partner in crime, The Double Arcas. The Double Arcas will be flying on an Animal Motor Works N2800 Skidmark (a demo predecessor to the iconic N2801), assuming Sparkies are allowed to fly and @tjsnakez whips us up a new nosecone.

Airfest is going to be a blast this year!

Really enjoyed the video!
Nice work!
Really enjoy the podcast and your videos! Please keep it up!