12” Mega Punisher Build Thread

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That's a very pretty purple. This is going to be a really awesome launch, for sure.

What day are you guys planning on for the launch?
Oh my goodness! A lot of $$$$$ invested there in "go" juice. Did you take some case donations for the impending flight from your rocket buds to make it possible? Kurt
We actually had a good amount of the hardware. Then a deal on a couple 2560’s and a 3840 came up last fall conveniently and I jumped on it. We bought the motors during the black Saturday sale - I think we each payed $430 for the motors.
gonna need a super slow mo vid of the lift off at the pad for my personal satisfaction .... please don't tell me "i can't get no satisfaction"
Gorgeous! I've always wanted a 12-incher ... I mean ... uh, nice rocket! ... er ... d'oh!
I doubt it! I've watched Taylor pack his Subaru WRX for several years. I suspect he has a plan to put it in the trunk!
I just didnt have enough time to get the roof rack installed on the Subaru, so we are renting a van. Next year.. ;)
Anyone know if this rocket flew today? Braden put out a video yesterday saying that it would, but I haven't heard or seen anything since. I hope everything went well.
Yes, the hash slinging slasher flew this afternoon. Somewhat underwhelming with four 75 mm outboard motors lighting and a lazy boost to about 2500 ft. All the recovery opened for a safe landing.
"Only" four 75mm motors... Gotta be tough to have to slum it like that :p
Any launch report on this ? ( ie from the actual Anti Gravity Group team..?)
As Kevin noted, everything but the motors went how we planned! The rocket is perfectly intact with only some paint blemishes to show for the flight.

Despite seemingly lighting all of our igniters, only two K1000s and two L1520s lit. Despite this still being in the baby N impulse range, the rocket still weighed around 190 pounds on the pad. So, we only got 2,400 feet out of it.

Gave us a great opportunity to watch the parachute gracefully roll out of the deployment bag, though!

We also switched the center motor to an N3300 redline at the last minute thanks to Kevin graciously offering to loan us his 15360 case. So, we've got an N, a K, and an L ready for the next attempt.

We're planning on giving this motor combination another go at Kloudburst in Argonia this coming spring!

As for video, both the onboard and pad cameras overheated and shut off just moments before liftoff. Yes, seriously. Other than that, I've got over 3 hours of Airfest footage to sort through so I'll roll it out as soon as I can!