11/8- Burned some more AP & BP

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Jan 18, 2009
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Fort Myers, FL
Since we were having some really nice weather and I had a buddy over and since BOTH of us are addicts, we went flying.:D

My first launch was my AAW Long 24mm Hourglass on a D15T reload. Nice straight flight before entering it's trademark tumbling motion after motor burnout. It then tumbled down and was recovered with no damage.

Although this was origionally designed for long 24mm motors, E9, F21, Ellis E10 etc. I have found that it still flies great on standard size 24mm motors with an E9 spacer in place.

I then flew an Astron Alpha IV on an A8-5. Nice straight flight but the rather energetic ejection charge blasted the shock cord in half leaving the body to tumble down while the nose cone drifted in on the chute. I recovered both pieces with no trouble.

Next up was my Estes Firehawk on an A10-3T, after an ignitor failure on the first try, it smoked off the pad and became a speck real quick. Since I use a streamer on this rocket, it was recovered easily. Only bad thing was the nice Rockethead streamer was nearly burned in half.:(

I then loaded up my 10 year old Estes Skywinder on a C6-3 and sent it up. I love the way this rocket recovers with it's helicopter recovery. This rocket has over 50 flights on it and is still going strong. It's a real shame Estes discontinued this one.:(

I also launched my new Night Wing on a B6-4 for it's first flight. This rocket is considerably underpowered on a B motor. It deployed in time and recovered ok.

For my last flight of the day, I prepped the Night Wing again for another flight and put her back on the pad, this time on a C6-5.
Much nicer flight, considerably higher, leveled off at apogee and began heading downward, deployed the chute and landed safely.
I think a C6-3 would work much better.

My buddy Matt sent his Estes Eliminator ripping into the heavens on a D12-7 and recovered it a short distance from the pad.

He also launched his Estes RTF Patriot on a C6-5 and recovered it about 10 yards from the pad. Showoff!!!:D

That concluded our day of flying and for the first time in awhile, we brought every one of our rockets home without a scratch.:D