11/20 Launch Report

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Jan 18, 2009
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Fort Myers, FL
Well today was another perfect day to fly rockets with the exception of a strong breeze at times.

My first flight of the day was on a G33-5J. Nice slow smokey flight. This is one of my favorite motors for this kit. Unfortunately, the strong breeze was present during this flight and made it land a bit further away than I would have liked but I recovered it with no damage. That's all that counts.:D

Next up was my Art Applewhite Stealth on an H123W. All I can say was this flight was far, far more exciting than the H73J. The flame, smoke, and roar from the H123 was just totally awesome.:D

I then flew my BSD Sprint on an H220T with a medium delay. I knew it was going to be fast but it was even faster than I expected, those H220's really kick out some serious power during their very brief 1 second burn. This rocket always tends to land close to the pad and this flight was no exception.:D

I think from now on, I'm going to refer to these Blue Thunders as "sneaky motors".:D

My last flight of the day was my Yank Wraith on an F40-7W. Very nice flight and I had reefed the chute to bring it in closer and it worked better than expected landing only about 50 feet from the pad.:D

All in all, it was a great day including a rocket that flew on an AMW K570WW motor to nearly 3,000 feet which was totally awesome. I noticed that the AMW White Wolf propellant looked the same as AT's White Lightning.

We had one noticeable mishap with a rocket on an AT I161W which obviously suffered a blow by at liftoff and caught on fire and still climbed fairly straight up while on fire. The good thing was that it didn't cause any fires as it climbed high enough to burn off all the propellant. The bad thing was that the booster was a total loss.

Well, we have no launch scheduled for next month so I'll have to wait until January to fly HPR again. Oh well, I need more motors anyway.:D