10th annual Bunnell Blast - November 14 and 15, 2009

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Jan 17, 2009
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North East Florida Association of Rocketry (NEFAR)
is pleased to announce:

10th annual Bunnell Blast - November 14 and 15, 2009

Range operations begin at 10am each day.
Night Launch on Saturday (until 9pm)


The field is FAA waivered for high power rockets flying
up to 2,000', with call ins to 10,000 feet.


We are all very excited that the 10th Bunnell Blast is right around the corner.
Every Blast has been a hit, with each one being larger than the year before. It's very
fitting the 10th Bunnell Blast will be the biggest and best yet. There are already
a number of flights planned that would be highlights at any large launch. Add
in the night launch and you have two days of non-stop rocketry!

Vendors supporting Bunnell Blast 10 include: Bernie Lalime from Wildman
Rocketry and Jim Harris from Gorilla Motors. If you have any specific motor
or supply needs please contact them ahead of time with your requests,
and the earlier the better. Bernie can be reached at:
BENBUZZBOY3 [at] aol.com and Jim at: rocketman [at] sprynet.com.

Roger Smith of JonRocket.com will also be a vendor at Bunnell Blast 10.
Check out their website and contact them if you have a request or question.

We have received some wonderful donations for the annual raffle. The
raffle has always been a huge hit with terrific prizes, but this may be
the biggest one yet.

Don't forget for Bunnell Blast we will have a night launch Saturday!
Rockets must be clearly illuminated (visible at all times during the flight).
All flights will be limited to a maximum altitude of 2,000' AGL and the
recovery system must be flight tested and adhere as close as possible
to the recommended 15 fps or less decent rate. It's tougher to get out
of the way of a falling object in the dark, so think soft landing.

More details and further updates will be available on the web site-
Roger Smith of JonRocket.com will also be a vendor at Bunnell Blast 10.
Check out their website and contact them if you have a request or question.

Bracha should be fine by Bunnell Blast. So, that should be Roger and Bracha Smith of JonRocket.com .... :)

In addition to a sampling of the kits we sell online, we have some parts - body tubes, couplers, nose cones, parachutes, etc. - for larger rockets. We'd like to sell them locally because they are too large for us to ship. We also have some collectible old rocket motors if anyone is interested.

-- Roger
How about that! I am off that weekend! :D I JUST may be able to make this launch!..Any good local motels nearby? If I am going to drive almost 200 miles I would rather make it a 2 day affair..
Any good local motels nearby?
(as mentioned on RP)
The Super-8 in Ormond Beach has traditionally been the NEFAR 'host' motel, but I haven't heard if
special rates have been negotiated yet. We held a spring 'Half-Blast' and IIRC, I paid ~$50/night.

Super 8 Ormond Beach
1634 North U.S. 1
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
Located at I-95 Exit 273 and US1
I'm checking on the official word...
Thanks Brian..Yeah, Super 8's website shows the price at $50.99/night..
Whwn I went down there, I stayed at the Sleep Inn. IIRC, it's an exit farther south than the Super-8.
Just received this-

Bunnell Blast is coming up fast. For those of you that plan on staying Saturday night so you can make the most of the weekend then you will probably need a place to stay. We are continuing our tradition of using the Super 8 as the host hotel. It offers many fine amenities such as a roof, beds, showers, and a friendly staff. All of which make an agreeable end to a long day of rocket flying. If you wish to make reservations, give them a call, and be sure to mention you are from the rocket club so you can get the lower rate ($44.99). The contact info is listed below. More updates to follow soon.


Super 8 Ormond Beach
1634 N. US 1
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
Well, that just makes it an even better chance I will be there! Will call them first thing in the AM and make a reservation! Thanks Brian! ;)
As it turns out, I *may* be able to make it up there, but only for the Saturday day launch, since I am not supposed to drive too much at night due to serious vision matters. So, no night gliders, :mad:

Even if I can make this, can only take stuff from E to G. Bleh
Well this blows chunks!:( I will not be able to make it..Dagnabit!..Just realized car insurance is due, phht there goes the paycheck!..Oh well, better to remember now then go and spend money and not have it for the insurance..chuckle..grimace..

Weather forecast looks AWESOME for the weekend, upper 70's, no rain and light wind..Well, maybe I can go to the old airfield and launch a couple anyways! :) Have fun and make sure you post pictures! That's a MUST! ;) :p
We're packing up for the Blast right now. We're staying at the lovely Super 8 tonight, so any orders placed at JonRocket.com won't be filled until Monday.

We've added a new supplier, so we'll have a selection of model rocket kits and accessories available on-site that aren't available from us online yet.

Plus, we'll have a large assortment of large body tubes, nose cones, centering rings and other parts for high-power rockets that aren't listed at JonRocket.com.

We'll be selling an assortment of vintage Estes model rocket motors (20+ years old) including some types that aren't available now. We've priced them at about what you'd pay for new motors. We also have some old ISP/Aerotech reloads for sale for those who might be really adventurous.

We might also actually bring something to fly .... :)

-- Roger (and Bracha)
Man, bums me out that I couldn't have been there! :( No dinero..Looks like y'all had a great time! :)