1010 Launch Rail Joining/Coupling Hardware

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Jul 13, 2017
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$64 question for today folks. I have two 72" lengths of 1010 rail and want to join them together to make one 144" launch rail.

1. How do you join them together? I see there is a hole in the center of the rail... so do you stick a length of metal rod in there to line them up?

2. Who make any hardware like clips or clamps that will join to rails together or do you have to fabricate your own.

Thanks everyone! Appreciate any and all assistance.

I splice an 8 foot in a 4-foot and use plates on three of the sides, works fine but this was for my tall Titan dynosoar which only weighs 5 lb and not launching really heavy stuff off of it
If you're going to that length you ought to consider using the 1515 rail or even the 1530 rail. Much stiffer, and the dark secret is that you can usually use regular 10-size rail guides in the 15 series slots. I'm not happy with the amount of whip I get in a single 8' length of 1010 rail, and am planning to convert my Jawstand pad to use 1020 or 1515 rail.