101 Things to do to a Baby Bertha ! ! !

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Feb 5, 2003
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Post your pictures of what you have done to your Baby Bertha's ! ! No pictures, then tell us what you have done!!

Just picked up the only 3 they had at Hobby Lobby today.

I setup my BB with a teflon pompom to help the recovery wadding and decided to use a streamer instead of a chute. After a bunch of flights (14!), the streamer seems like the right idea since the rocket is very strong for its weight. My BB has survived numerous falls from altitude due to a jammed ejection charge and a couple times the streamer has not unrolled. The BB was one of my first rockets, I painted it like crap because I assumed I would lose it right away :p



I want to build another BB with a D engine mount and a decent paint job soon :)
Originally posted by crashinj
No pictures, then tell us what you have done!!


The Baby Bertha is one of my favorite inexpensive rockets. I have one I built stock, the other has a 24mm MMT. It really takes off quite fast on a D12-7.

I think it would be neat to 2 stage one.

You could fill it up with concrete and use it as a paper weight....

I kitbashed it into a Maxi Mosquito. It is a great flying rocket.
Aww Man, Fun Thread. I have a BB on the way in the mail. I will have to add on later. It's a secret:p
but flew it on an 18mm AT SU E25-7!!!!!!!!!
i want some more of those motors!