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For Sale 100ft DB9 M/M 9C Serial Straight Thru Cable

Jan 7, 2019
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I bought this 30AWG cable from SF Cable when I made my relay controller 3 years ago. I used automotive relays which required a minimum voltage and the voltage drop over 100 feet was a bit too much. If I had used low voltage electronic relays this cable would have been fine. It also worked when I bumped the voltage to 24V, but since the other components were built for a 12V source I didn't take that route. If you are building or intend to build a wired relay controller for use with MPR or L1 HPR flights, this will fit in your controller design if using low-voltage relay(s). This was $25 shipped, I'll send it for shipping cost only (Priority Mail Flat Rate Medium Box - $16.10). If interested PM me with name and address.

Stock picture is of a 6' cable.