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Jan 20, 2009
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I just made my 1000th post, but it was in the Advanced Forum, where some people get upset about announcing post counts. So I'm announcing it here, as my 1001st post! :rolleyes:

I guess I'll have to start babbling nonsense in everybody's threads so I can catch up. :p ;)

Like right now. :D
I kind of agree with the folks who suggested doing away with the TRF post counters.
I think it would clean up ALL the forums a bit by taking some of the wind (hot air?) out of the sails of some of us (me included, at times).
wwattles, we expect you to maintain the high standards and traditions of TRF as you seek your second thousand posts.

I was being sarcastic. I don't really care what my post count is.

If I think that I have something worthwhile to say, then I'll say it.

If not, I keep quiet.

But I do have a warped sense of humor so I may say a few things that might just sound odd to the rest of you.