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Nov 22, 2013
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Ok this is a non Rocket request. My daughter and I are having a contest.

First one to 1000 views on YouTube wins. I want her to win. This is 15 secs. Watch it once, that would be awesome....ok maybe twice.....do I dare ask for a full minute?


Thank you!
Thank you for the help, numbers are slowly growing! 😀😀
Ok, that's two you owe me...


And for more silliness, may I suggest a Hampster Dance?

its awesome to see youngens just being dorks!

on another note, for some reason, seeing the title of the thread I thought this might be something like
"I just bought my 1000th rocket kit!"
I'd like to help. Can you give me the title of the video so I can search for it on my Kindle? YouTube is blocked on the company computers :(.
I let it sit on repeat for a couple hours - don't know if that counts as 1 or 100... lol

If 2017 turns out to be the year of dancing with a giant banana, it will be far better than I expected.