10 Ways To Get Involved With NASA

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I have my own excursion suit, maybe I could join the Mars simulation on Antarctica.
Hmm... interesting:
Design a high powered rocket
with a pointer to the TARC contest page. Of course, that's not what we here would call the medium-powered rockets (most TARC birds flew on E's, F's and more than a few G's this last year) used in TARC.

That headline should more rightly point to the NASA Student Launch Initiative page, where middle and high school kids will be researching, designing, building, and flying a real high-powered rocket (teams doing SLI for the first time are limited to K motors, while returning teams can spec up to an M if it's needed to get the rocket up to 5280 feet AGL.).

And this year, I get to be involved in both! Yee haw!