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10 neat old rocket kits REDUCED $30

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Is shipping included in that price?

No. Sorry. My mistake. THIS should be in the post, I left it out.
Listing a whole bunch of rockets...to keep things easy for both of us, a few simple things:
Paypal only, USA only, prices are firm and fair. Do not say "I'll take it!" until you have PP ready to go. Thanks!

$15 shipping.

I wish I could offer free shipping, but shipping costs have gone up so much lately...the last batch I sold here, I took a big loss on shipping, I waaaay undercharged. At the prices I am selling at, I cannot afford to lose that much on shipping. Sorry for any confusion, I left the shipping cost out by accident.
Wow, that was a great deal!

If my company wasn't in a skyrocketing growth phase, I might have a chance at some of these... :( and :)
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