10% discount on 3D printer parts/CNC @ openbuilds.com


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Feb 26, 2014
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G'day Guys and Gals.
I have just started on my 3D printing journey and got myself a Tevo Black Widow for Christmas.. while most of it is a good printer I have had a coupler of problems.. a mosfet problem that meant a replacement main board (one coming from Tevo and I ordered one off ebay), the bearings in all the wheels and pulleys are rubbish and seize when even slightly tightened, poor quality solid V and mini V wheels and a PSU that I wanted to upgrade so I can use an E3D chimera dual extruder.

Being my first printer or any type of CNC, meant I didnt have any "spare" parts sitting around I could use instead. So whilst waiting for the new mainboard to arrive I decided to hunt down the other parts I wanted so I could have it all installed at once and not have to do it bit by bit.

I found everything I needed at a reputable and reasonably priced parts store in the U.S, https://openbuildspartstore.com, I decided to order the wheels (went with the Extreme Solid V Wheels), shims and bearings and see what the quality was like before I ordered the rest.

They arrived from the U.S a week after I placed my order, amd everything exceeded my expectations for the quality. So I contacted the folks at openbuilds.com, after thanking them for their prompt service and quality parts I asked if they could do a discount for my fellow rocketeers.. I didn't expect much if anything in response, so you can imagine my surprise when they said "sure, how would 10% discount until the end of march be?". :jaw::surprised::jaw:. If anyone needs any 3D printer/CNC parts I strongly recommend https://openbuildspartstore.com

Now that I know they provide quality products at a reasonable cost I have ordered the Delrin V Wheels, Delrin Mini V Wheels, wheels, shims, bearings, pulleys, 24v PSU and a 25pack of T nuts and a dozen drop in T nuts.. though the drop in T nuts seem a little expensive (never had to buy them before.) The rest looks like its on the money.
Hope this helps.



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Dec 21, 2013
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Noooo but yessss. Got some designs in the works and this may help a lot! Thanks so much!!!! Can't believe they did that too hahaha!