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Sep 20, 2009
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The object of the game:
I start, by posting 1. The next person replies, by posting 2. We keep going like that (the next person posts 3 etc.) until we reach 10,000. The person who gets the 10,000th post is the winner.
The rules:
The same person cannot post twice in a row. That's pretty much it.

Let's go!

What about a script which automatically posts the next number for you? ;)
What a total waste (unless I missed the part about how the "winner" wins $10,000).

- George Gassaway

It's just a GAME people, calm down! This is, after all, the watering hole, which is the place for forum games. Is this such a waste? Or is it (perish the thought) a piece of .... FUN?
Leave this thread to die if you wish, I just thought it could be a decent forum game.

Oh, and, loud and proud, EEEEEEIIIIIGGGGGHHHHTTTTT!!!!!!!!
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Or a decent way to pad your post count


The last valid count of this .... thing.... apparently is 18 since Rocketlaw broke the rules by posting back to back.

To Back. (3 posts in a row).

If Rocketlaw gets to break the rules and it stands without reset, then I repeat my “10,000” which is just as valid per the rules as Rocketlaw posting 19 and 20 after he posted 18.

Hey, at this rate of 3 (or less) per day, maybe Aries 1 will have sent an Orion crew to ISS, several of them, by the time this ever hits 10,000. Or not...

9+ years to hit 10,000 at this rate. Or the time to read this message.


- George Gassaway