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1 gallon kit Adtech 820 Epoxy (Will bring to LDRS36)

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Nov 8, 2015
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For sale - bringing to LDRS (Saturday): AdTech 820 Gallon Epoxy kit. Contains 1 Gal Adtech 820 Epoxy, .2 Gal 822 AdTech Hardener, and two pumps.

When I went to fiberglass my Tyrannosaur, I purchased a Gallon kit of Adtech 820 Epoxy with 822 30 minute hardener from Soller composites. However it was mid winter and I needed higher temperatures to ensure this finished properly so I ended up going with west systems; even though they talked me into this being a better product. I don't know enough to say yes or no but none the less, I have a One Gallon kit sitting here unused and no plans to fiberglass again in the near future. I paid $114 for it. If someone wants it and makes a reasonable offer, I'll bring it to LDRS. I'm in slot E8 on Saturday. I have a bit of 4" heavy sock and a little 2oz veil material left over and it goes with it. Feel free to PM if you prefer.

Spec sheet is here: https://www.axson-technologies.com/sites/default/files/TDS - Marine 820 160524_1.pdf


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