1/84 scale Artemis 1 SLS LONG haul project

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Making some headway today. Motor mount epoxied in place, and lower core epoxied over the motor mount. And, finally, the SRBs booster hardware is installed. Today is the first day I've seen it "all together" holding its own weight. (Looks wonky because the R side is closer to the camera. They're about even, maybe a half mm off but no further).
I had to do this in a few shorts...

Thanks for the clear explanation on your videos. Pretty simple operation once you understand what’s going on. These booster clips are available from apogee components so I may have to rethink my next project. Will check out the cost of shipping just these clips from Apogee before I make a decision on powering a Delta IV Heavy with 3 motors like your Artemis which BTW is looking great.
SRB fins installed. I'm going to make fins for the core. I'll be happier if I know the core is stable.
You could wrap the rubber band just on the rail from top to bottom. One on each fin. Saves cutting a notch and probably easier to install. Did you use 1/16 thick fins.
3/32nd inch. It's what they had. 😁 and they are pretty sturdy! The fin root is an eighth tall by 3/16 wide to lock into the parts on the tube.
I borked something up, but it's not the end of the world. I was going to install rail buttons on this model, but 100% forgot them until after the motor mount and lower core were epoxied in place.
1/4 inch launch lugs will be used in place. Oops. Oh well.
Okay! So.....had a setback today on this model. Not the end of the world, but it's going to require me to design and print something in 3d that should have been plastic in the first place (IMHO). There is a lower "latch" on the booster that is made from the balsa rail, which hooks into the plastic retainer that's glued on the sustainer. I was worried about it when I made it and sure enough, the balsa shattered with only very light handling down there. So I've got to design the latch and print it in plastic to be sturdier. This will put me back a week probably so......no launch of this big guy until December at the earliest. I'd rather get it right than rush it though.
The OP is still here! I did mention this was a LONG haul project, heh.......

I shelved this at the time because I wasn't happy with the way the SRBs were hooking into the side. I've designed 3d parts to help, but at the time I only had a resin printer, and the parts needed much more strength than resin can provide. I've since gotten into FDM printing, but I haven't pulled this out yet to revisit it. I've also decided to reprint a few of the resin parts I made in FDM to see about cutting down on weight a little. We'll see......it might even fly before the next SLS does!

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