1.5X Up-Scale Estes Fat Boy

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Jan 17, 2009
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I am planning to build a 1.5X up-scale of the Estes Fat Boy using a 3.9" PML QT and a Performance Rocketry 4" fiberglass elliptical nose-cone. I was going to have Sandman make a nose-cone but I chose Performance Rocketry's because it is the right shape for the up-scale and it is hollow so I will have more room for the recovery system. Has anyone worked with Performance Rocketry nose-cones? I am trying to decide the best way to attach an eye-bolt/u-bolt/bulkhead to the front section and possibly some added nose weight. Just a normal plywood bulkhead with hardware epoxied in place? Any special considerations I should be aware of? This is a nice piece of work by the way -- a perfect fit in the PML tube!