1.34X Up Scale Quest SuperBird

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Jan 21, 2009
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Just finished my US Quest SuperBird. Built with Semroc parts, 1.84" body tubes, 29mm motor mount, and balsa nose cone. The decals are from Stickershock, Mark did a great job. Painted with Rustoleum Gloss White and Rustoleum Painters Touch Apple Red. The red decals match the red paint perfectly.

I need to get final weights to figure out what motors it will fly on, though I suspect it will be 29mm Es and Fs.




Very cool.

You can use our new 50mm cone and tube on the next one.

Should we kit this for our new E's and F's?

Bill Stine
Very nice upscale project. Will you be using separate recovery like the original SuperBird?

Andy Hansom

Andy thanks, I will more than likely have it come down tethered together. Probably an 18" to 24" nylon chute depending on wind conditions. We lost the payload section to the wind and a tree with our original stock SuperBird.

Very cool.

You can use our new 50mm cone and tube on the next one.

Should we kit this for our new E's and F's?

Bill Stine

Bill, coming from you that means alot. Our original stock SuperBird has been flown alot and rebuilt twice. Love the way it flys slow and watchable, I can not wait to see how the upscale does.

I would think an upscale kit would sell, my plan is to fly it on 29mm Es & Fs.


The upscale with the original.

I agree, a very cool upscale. Is it me, or are upscales of even relatively simple rockets like the Super Bird just plain awesome? :cool: [Good God, I sound like my 9-year old son...]
Oddly enough, I just built a 1.00 scae Superbird at the NARHAMS club meeting tonight. The plan is to use it as a sled for my HowHigh altimeter that I got from Quest.

The upscale looks great and that would be a good size the new motors, Bill.

Yep, the upscale is a great idea. This one turned out very nice.

The Superbird seems like an easy choice for Quest to release as an upscale. I'm thinking the Icarus could be brought back as an upscale too. Same cone. I'm surprised that one was discontinued, but it must have fallen short sales wise compared to the SB. I have an Icarus earmarked for an electronic payload as well, only I plan on installing video. Offers the same payload possibilities as the Superbird. Both are good looking rockets IMO.
Thanks all! I am going to have to get an altimeter and try it on both SBs. I like Icarus also.

I am also toying with the idea of another payload section to carry a camera, although I am not sure I want to mess with this one.