1:131 Sport-Scale Saturn V

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Oct 15, 2015
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Here for your consideration is a model that I've tinkered with for a while. Seems like it would be a cool build although I have no idea what I would do about decals. Paper wrap perhaps?

The main body tube is an Estes PSII 3" body tube, the S-IVB stage is 2", and the service module is a 29mm motor tube. Not perfect scale dimensions and therefore "sport" scale. Should be pretty close to 1:131.

Should fly to ~500ft on an E, and ~900 on an F. Maybe a nail-biter 200ft on a D12-3.



View attachment 131 scale Saturn V.ork
Looks like one of those big LOC models, Top gun or the Esoteric with a second reduction.

Don't forget toothpicks for the escape tower!
Have you considered multi-staging it?
That would give more realistic flight and probably more altitude.
I built a couple of Saturn IB's to this scale. A cluster of eight BT-5 tubes fits really nicely into the ST-20 2" tube.