1/12 Foamie X-24B

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Jan 18, 2009
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Taking inspiration from Frank Burke and a recent trip to the USAF Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, I decided to throw together this full-bodied X-24B ish craft. Weight as it sits is about 5-1/2 oz.

I decided on 1/12 scale because that would put it at about 3 feet long and it's a nice size to work with (1'=1"). The CG seems to be about right with nothing onboard, so the trick now is keeping it right where it is. Additional weight will be about 2oz each for radio gear and E6 reload, plus another ounce or two for glue. That puts it around 10-12oz, which seems to be about right from Frank's previous posts.

R/C gear will be simple: two HS-55 servos, a Spektrum Receiver, and a 1S 500mAh battery.



Great idea! Very interested in seeing this one fly. Post patterns if you have time.

Brian, I'm interested in seeing how this flies, I did something similar a while back, but had a less tapered rear end, not as tapered as yours and instea of tucking in the sides to allow the wingtips to be used as elevons, I was using extended full flying surfaces that stuck out a bit more than your trailing edge surfaces, I never could get sufficient pitch/roll control. I used extended surfaces since I was worried about airflow over the back causing issues, but yours is very similar to the zooch shuttle sort of back end shape, maybe that will work better.

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Here is my Icarus design....Looks like similar size/weight and delta angle, just different in the controls and back end. I hope yours works well. I flew mine with about six different forward and backward cg settings starting with 20% mac or about 45% root chord, and nothing was working, I flew it till the nose was significanly more "rounded":) and then gave up....I know I have deltas with the same angle that are flat plates that work fine...I always wondered if it really maybe wanted to fly upside down more naturally than right side up.
It would boost ok, then on glide it was either pitchy or sluggish and would sort of flop left and right without out much roll control.

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