07/29/04 Launch

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Jul 18, 2012
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My family and some friends went to the local park to launch on 07/29/04. Aside from a F21 CATO and some minor scrapes, all went well. Total count: 17 rockets. 28 A-B-C motors. 5 D motors. 6 E9 motors. 1 E18 motor. 2 F21 motors. 2 G38 motors. 3 G64 motors. 1 G80 motor. We were there almost five hours. I had preloaded all the rockets the night before, so the first launches for each one were just a matter of installing ignitors and getting them on the pads. The rockets ranged in size from a 4 inch Crayon and 4 inch V2 to a K27 Honest John and Semroc Lil Hercules.

Incidents and observations:
Fat Boy suddenly unstable on C6 motors.?
First flight Fliskit Tres. All motors lit, flight arced away from the breeze. Nice rocket.
First three motor E9 cluster in a saucer. Impressive.
G64 formula seems to have more flame this year. Still a favorite saucer motor.
First time to use G38 motors. Very loud.
V2 first flight. F21-6 was PERFECT. Except the second one CATO'd and I had to gut the rocket. Might fly again. Maybe. :mad:
First flight, Fliskits Rhino. Oldest son's new favorite. Great flyer on C6 motors.
First flight, Semroc Lil Hercules. Darted instead of tumbled. No harm done.
First flight, Fliskits Acme Spitfire. Ejected motor and chute. Cool flight.
First flight, 10 inch saucer in metalic purple with interchangeable mmt. 3 E9s or 1 29mm. Flew 4 times. Faultless performance. If I ever get level one, this is probably how I'll do it.
4 inch Crayon snapped a fin on landing with wadded flare chute. No idea why it failed to open.

Between mine and our friends, there were four grade school kids with us. It took their little girl a bit to warm up to the experience, but their son was a launching maniac. My sons had a blast as usual. The visiting mom was quite impressed. She had no idea that rockets were so invovled and she had as much fun as her kids.

While we were there a teenager and his grandfather were across the field with an Estes starter set. They flew about 6 times. Afterward they came over to see our rockets and the kid watched us fly a G64 saucer. He'd never even heard of one before. Turns out he is visting from Florida. I wrote down this web address for him, and hopefully he'll come look around.

A park employee who has helped me recover things from trees in the past came over and gave me a bunch of parts and even complete rockets. Most were damaged. He finds them in the park and saves them for me. He returned part of a Skywriter we left in a high tree about two years ago, but one of the fins was broken off. He gets a kick out of the saucers and watched for a while. I told him how the insulation we use for wadding is biodegradeable and he was pleased. He said he knew it was me because he could hear the composites from inside the park's garage. I'll bet that is a quarter mile from the pads!
Three pads ready to go. The K27 Honest John is great on an A8-3 and tests the breeze.
The Acme Spitfire gets the once over after it's flight. The lady is into stamping and other crafts and thought the preprinted body wraps were neat.

Fortunately the breeze blew straight across this long field most of the time.
Recovery Specialist Sam and Trainee show good hustle as Rhino drops into the field. For some reason it ends up behind us, a quarter into the wind. Fortunately the pines were not hungry this day.
My youngest, Jake taking a break from his official recovery duties, stuffs some cellulose wadding into Big Bertha. Half cast is result of arguement with ground while riding bicycle. Ground 1, Jake 0.
We have decided that we are getting an Easy Up and a folding table just for rocket day. 5 hours in the sun on this field can be brutal, even with refreshments. We had wanted to have a rocket day earlier this summer, but baseball season went long with both boys on seperate All Star teams. We tried to make up for it with an extended session!