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  1. Dr.Zooch

    Trying to tie up loose ends

    Folks- I'm just getting back into the forum here. There are several people that I told I would get stuff to and I haven't done it... I stink. I'm going to be doing my best to tie up those loose ends. If you have a "junk drawer" in your home (almost everyone does) Take it completely out of the...
  2. Dr.Zooch

    More Dr. Zooch parts

    Since closing production of Dr., Zooch Rockets and handing that off to eRockets, I found myself with a LOT of new, custom-milled balsa parts. You see, eRockets mills their own parts. So, I figured that many of the folks out there who are scratch-builders would like to make use of these unique...
  3. Dr.Zooch

    Dr. Zooch spare parts

    In case you've not heard, I'm clearing out my stock of Dr. Zooch custom balsa parts along with centering rings, lugs, engine clips etc. I'm selling them as lots or big piles on e-bay. I intend to exhaust everything in my bins by Feb 1. Everything is going WAY below my original cost and is a...