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  1. Alan R

    Apogee Zephyr L1 Build

    This thread is just to document the build for L1. Nothing special about the build, but I already know I will deviate from instructions in one or two places. Nothing major. Kit arrived yesterday.. I'm excited to jump in. When I decided to L1, I wanted a 38mm and I had a couple of kits in mind...
  2. Alan R

    Fillet question - is epoxy necessary on outside Fin-BT for G,H?

    Was watching the Zephyr build video, will be starting that build in a week or so. Tim puts epoxy fillets on the outside fin -> BT. For my 29mm builds I epoxy the inside parts (CR-MT, Fin-MT, CR-BT) but use wood glue fillets on the outside Fin-BT joint. Basically just faster, less messy, easier...