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  1. D

    Post Mortem on L2 CATO

    Hi all, I just got back from attempting my TRA L2 certification flight. I reused a previously built Apogee Zephyr with motor ejected parachute recovery that I used for my L1 certification and have flown with AeroTech H100 and I284. I attempted my flight with a J340M-14A with a 12-second...
  2. C

    Zephyr Stability (Openrocket vs. RockSim)

    Hi Everyone, I am currently working toward an L1 certification using the Zephyr kit from Apogee. I am basically done with construction, but when I started looking at the OpenRocket model to determine my delay for motor ejection I noticed a really disconcerting discrepancy between the...
  3. R3verb

    Help me choose my L1 cert rocket! (Super DX3 vs Goblin vs Zephyr)

    Hey All, I'm finally taking the leap and going for my L1 cert. My model rocket history has been on and off but I'm finally ready to go for it. I've been doing model rockets ever since I was a little kid and my dad and I would build Estes kits. Last year I bought a few new Estes kits and...
  4. Alan R

    Apogee Zephyr L1 Build

    This thread is just to document the build for L1. Nothing special about the build, but I already know I will deviate from instructions in one or two places. Nothing major. Kit arrived yesterday.. I'm excited to jump in. When I decided to L1, I wanted a 38mm and I had a couple of kits in mind...
  5. Alan R

    Fillet question - is epoxy necessary on outside Fin-BT for G,H?

    Was watching the Zephyr build video, will be starting that build in a week or so. Tim puts epoxy fillets on the outside fin -> BT. For my 29mm builds I epoxy the inside parts (CR-MT, Fin-MT, CR-BT) but use wood glue fillets on the outside Fin-BT joint. Basically just faster, less messy, easier...