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  1. Robsrockettime

    New to the Forum

    Hello... Names Rob, getting the itch to start a new build and get back into rockets. Love doing this during the winter. It's makes for easier recovery at Bong haha. my Level 1 cert flight I believe from a number of years ago. This year going for Level 2 for sure this year. Hoping that goes...
  2. R

    Butane rocket world record 25 meters (80 ft)
  3. georgegassaway

    3D Printing "Today's 3D Print" , Chris Taylor's youtube channel

    Some of you may know Chris Taylor for the rockets he's flown, and for his and websites where he has posted daily photos and videos while attending various hobby rocketry events. Anyway, the last few years, Chris has gotten into doing 3D printing. I first saw him...