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  1. lowga

    Wanted Honest John Kits

    Looking for some of the more unusual Honest John kits to feed my addiction to this rocket. In particular, I'm seeking the following: Centuri Honest John Kit KC-25 (AKA #5085) Cox 5050 Thurstline Aerospace TACL-003 and TACL-004 Excelsior Rocketry Honest Goon Will also consider built and flown...
  2. Gary Mac

    FOUND WTB Loki 54/4000 Motor Case

    I'm looking to buy a Loki 54/4000 motor case. I'm mainly using it as an assembly jig/fit check while I'm building the airframe for now (I'm trying to "perfectly" align two separate 54mm motor mount tube sections in the middle of a larger airframe). I don't necessarily need a grain to go with...