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  1. ecargmij

    Wildman Mini Mach Sim File

    Im curious if anyone already has this sim file. Thank you :)
  2. M

    Wildman Gizmo Done!

    Finished my Wildman Gizmo today! Super happy with how it came out. Cc welcome!!
  3. FlyBy01

    Level 3 Build Thread

    It has finally happened, after a year of staring at parts and cleaning my work area I now want to work on this accumulation of parts. A Level 3 Proposal submission was made to my TAPs and I have been approved to start construction. I am not in a rush and want to enjoy the process. I am looking...
  4. F

    Wildman Punisher 3 Questions

    Hello! I am looking at building a punisher 3 for my L1 certifications and I have a few questions about the punisher. 1) It is a good rocket kit for a L1 if I use a 38mm motor? I am also thinking about using it for a L2 once I get electronics and a tracker. 2) Can is handle single deployment...
  5. lowga

    Sold Wildman Rocketry Blackhawk 38

    Unbuilt, new in the box Wildman Backhawk 38mm minimum-diameter fiberglass screamer. https://wildmanrocketry.com/products/blackhawk-38 Retails new for $142.95, selling for $100 including shipping in the lower 48 United States. PayPal preferred. I'm a longtime supporter of TRF and also "The...
  6. Upsrocketman

    Build Thread Wildman Goblin 4

    I already have too many projects to count, but Wildman posted a 4" Goblin kit a while back and I could not pass it up. I recieved the kit a few weeks back and decided to start building it so I could have it ready for LDRS in July. First things first, all of the parts got a bath to get rid of...
  7. James Owen

    “Risky Business” - Minimum Diameter mach 2 attempt

    My next HPR project is ambitious, to say the least. There are a few aspects to the project: A) send a scratch built rocket over mach 2 on an L1 motor B) use a completely homegrown avionics + tracking system (I’m working on the necessary FCC stuff) C) get it all back in one piece. Current...
  8. James Owen

    Sending a wildman darkstar Jr supersonic on an L1 motor

    Hello everyone! It’s been a minute since I’ve visited the forum. I bought a wildman darkstar Jr. a little while back and it has flown twice so far, first on an Aerotech H100 and then on an Aerotech I175. It’ll be flying again this weekend at NSL on the I600R. Should be an exciting flight...
  9. tjsnakez

    12” Mega Punisher Build Thread

    Ok exciting stuff happening. “The Anti Gravity Group” which consists of Braden Carlson, Matthew Myers, and myself will be doing a one week speed build on this project. I have been working behind the scenes the last 3 months making a 12” Punisher “kit”. This project started as a joke because...
  10. The_Quacken

    Blackhawk 29

    Not a full build but I wanted to show off this since it’s my first real fiberglass high power (Altho it’s sorta sitting on the very edge of high and mid power) it’s a wildman Blackhawk 29 and hopefully I can get a flight on her at the next score launch. First flight will probably be mid power...
  11. GAP

    L3 Project - Wildman Intimidator 4

    Hello everyone, I'd thought I would post my build thread here for my Level 3 certification rocket. This is a little bit different in that this is after the fact, but I want to post this here to help others and for advice and comments on what I could improve on for builds in the future. That...
  12. U

    Wildman Mach 2 on AT L1000W DMS??

    Hello all! This is my first time on this forum. I just got my L2, and to celebrate I wanted to build a (relatively) inexpensive high performance kit. I was looking at building a Wildman Mach 2 to fly on an AT L1000W DMS to keep the cost down, but of the good motor retention/shock cord mounting...
  13. RocketRoll

    Beveling/airfoiling required for supersonic flight?

    Looking to start on a Wildman Blackhawk 29 and aiming for ~900 mph maximum velocity. I've beveled/airfoiled my fins in the past for flights at this speed, but it's a pain to do by hand and it's always tough to get consistent results. Out of curiosity, I simmed different fin cross-sections in...
  14. mtnmanak

    Darkstar Series Build

    Finished a number of rocket projects recently, so planning on diving into some new ones. One of my next ventures is to build out (most/all/some?) the Darkstar series rockets from Wildman. I feel ambitious enough to say I would like to culminate with a Jumbo build sometime in the future, but...
  15. Tobor

    WM Eagle Claw Sport

    Well, even though I told myself I would not start a new build until I completed the four rockets currently on my work table, I couldn't resist starting this one. It's a Wildman Eagle Claw Sport. Received it as a Christmas present from GF. So here I go again... Side note: When I was about to...
  16. Zeke Johnson

    Ebay with Metal Bulk Plates - Wildman

    I received an electronics bay from Wildman Rocketry. It is a very basic kit, 1 32mm fiberglass coupler and two bulk plates (See Pictures). I have never worked with metal bulk plates before. I was wondering if I could get some ideas on how to pass the electrical signal from my altimeter inside...
  17. Tobor

    Found Wildman's Lance Beta Fin Dimensions

    Hello all, I'm hoping someone can measure or photograph (w/ruler) the main & upper fin of Tim's new kit. I have created an .ork file upscaled from an Estes/NCR .rkt file I found on the Net, with corrected specs for Tim's 4" FG tubing. I am hoping to purchase Tim's version during his 2020 Black...
  18. GuyNoir

    Sold Wildman 2.6" Carbon Fiber V-2

    I have a Wildman scale V2 that I won in a raffle somewhere, unopened, fresh in bag. I'm not really interested in building it. First $100 takes it. PM me if interested.
  19. lowga

    Need OR or RockSim file for Wildman Blackhawk 38

    Does anyone have a file for the Wildman Blackhawk 38 minimum diameter rocket? Thanks in advance.
  20. Gary Mac

    Repairing Fiberglass Nosecone with a Chipped Tip

    Any suggestions for repairing a fiberglass nosecone with a chipped tip? The damage was from some of the smaller kids handling it at a local science show, not a ballistic landing. As you can see from the photos, it's chipped through the fiberglass layer. Some ideas I had were to "build" a tip...