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  1. ac2fv

    Kevlar Shockcord for Loc Warlock

    I'm going to replace the 18' 5/8" nylon shock cord that came with the Loc Warlock kit. My replacement will be Kevlar (of course). For those Warlock owners/flyers out there, what width/length is in use? Most of my launches will be H/I/J motors. Any suggestions on vendors with good shock cords...
  2. wij

    Large/Heavy Rocket Recovery.

    I have searched the recovery forum for a while and have found a few answers but I still have some questions for people with experience. - Cable cutter or tender descender for ~10 lb rocket ? I will be building a LOC Warlock 54mm with a 6 ft main chute and I want to have some way of a low main...
  3. Warlock paint job

    Warlock paint job

    Completed paint job on my warlock
  4. Warlock spring fest 2021

    Warlock spring fest 2021

    Warlock I280DM