1. rocketjet787

    Found AltusMetrum Flight Computer

    Hello, I am looking for a Telemetrum, TeleGPS, or Telemega that someone would be willing to seperate with. Everywhere I have looked appears to be out of stock and I was hoping to put one in my BALLS project this year. If your potentially interested in selling one, please let me know! Thanks!
  2. hambirm2018

    Found V-2 rear

    Wanted: LOC 4 inch V-2 rear end. I do not need the fins but will take them if needed

    Found WANTED Cesaroni 54mm 4 Grain Motor Case

    I am looking for a new or used Cesaroni Pro54-4 grain motor case, in good condition and clean. Thanks
  4. lowga

    Found Honest John Kits (Centuri, Cox, Etc.)

    I'm a huge collector/builder of anything related to the Honest John Missile. While my collection of these rockets is pretty large, there are still several that I'm looking for. Willing to pay any reasonable price, and perhaps some that are not reasonable--just don't tell my wife. Centuri...