vintage kits

  1. njspence

    xx High School Fundraiser- Sale of Donated Vintage Kits and Parts- updated with asking prices

    Hi- I'm the advisor to my high school rocket/TARC club. Recently the Martin family donated their dad's collection of vintage kits which we're selling as a fundraiser. I'm posting here first before ebay, etc. Kits are available single or bundled. Buyer pays shipping. Pictures linked below but I...
  2. Glasspack

    Sold Estes Star Wars X-wing Fighter Flying Model Rocketry Outfit #1422

    I am going to offer this vintage kit to you all on the Forum first. It is an old Estes Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Starter set produced about 1977 by Estes. There are very minor wear signs but it is sealed in the original cellophane. I am sure shipping will be over $20.00, as it will be...
  3. lowga

    Found Honest John Kits (Centuri, Cox, Etc.)

    I'm a huge collector/builder of anything related to the Honest John Missile. While my collection of these rockets is pretty large, there are still several that I'm looking for. Willing to pay any reasonable price, and perhaps some that are not reasonable--just don't tell my wife. Centuri...