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  1. N

    Most innovative approach award at ARC Nationals

    Check out the launch here: And check out our build montage! Learn more about how it works in the thread:
  2. N

    2024 ARC Nationals Rocket Reveal Video!

  3. beretta

    Combining live telemetry data (915 MHz) and video (5.8 GHz) transmissions on a display for a 10km launch?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for some help for combing live telemetry (915 MHz) and video (5.8 GHz) on one display for a 10km supersonic launch. I currently have: Telemetry TX: - Eggtimer Quasar (915 MHz) Video TX: - Walksnail Avatar HD V2 TRX - Avatar V2 1.9 dBi antenna Ground side: - Raspberry...
  4. BigDeal4

    Estes Patriot Build Video

    Here is the latest video, A rocket Build. If you like it please give it a like and subscribe! Any Feedback would be great, what do you like about build video's?
  5. Frosty_Burrito

    Help Finding a Tiny Camera

    I am working on putting a recording device inside of my 54mm electronics bay. I had selected the RunCam Thumb, however, it looks like there is a 2-3 week shipping timeline for that, and I would rather not wait quite so long. The camera will be sitting inside the electronics bay, I have room for...
  6. RocketRoll

    Apogee Aspire Supersonic Video

    I put together a video of my third and final attempt to launch a supersonic Apogee Aspire. I guess transonic is *technically* the most accurate description but supersonic has a better ring to it! I lost the rocket in tall grass, and therefore lost the altimeter, but I found I could do a lot...
  7. Co-leader of the LRP

    AT H999 Warp-Nine propellant static test video request

    Does anybody have a video of a static test of an aerotech H999 motor with warp-nine propellant? Slow motion if possible but regular motion also good. A link to an existing video that is not your site also counts, because I can't find one. If anybody has one I would be very thankful if you could...
  8. sinclag

    UFO Kit for those small fields and parks.

    Ever wanted to just launch a rocket without any fuss at a small field or park near you ? BlackCat Rocketry introduces the FooFighta kit. No Parachute, simple tumble recovery. Produced in 24 and 38mm motor variants. Have a look at our video's of the launches of each size...