vent holes

  1. highpk

    Vent holes...but not for the payload bay

    I have read a considerable amount on the drilling of vent holes for use on altimeter-based deployments, and as a general practice to keep pressure changes and drag-related pressure buildup from popping a payload section before anticipated. However, has anyone drilled holes aft of the forward...
  2. Brian-Tampa

    Altimeter Vent Hole Location

    Hi, Just started laying out my fiberglass 4" DX3 for drill holes (launch lugs, vent holes) Where is the proper location for the vent holes in the payload bay? I know to stay away from other objects to facilitate clean airflow, but there seems to be several schools of thought on the placement...
  3. Brian-Tampa

    Altimeter vent holes

    About halfway finished with my new EZI-65 build. I am going to utilize a Jolly Logic Altimeter 3 for this rocket. Any ideas for vent hole sizes in the main air frame and how many? Also, my friend suggested rather than use air frame vent holes why not drill small holes in all 3 centering rings...
  4. Curtis Enlow

    Do you put vent holes in 'sealed' areas of your rockets?

    I am doing a nose cone mod, cutting off the blown-in shock cord ring/bulkhead (which has a vent hole, BTW) and installing a bulkhead & U-bolt. As I was fitting the bulkhead I realized I would be capturing relatively dense air in the sealed nose cone at a density altitude of -1,116 feet (I'm at...
  5. S

    Putting holes in recovery bay?

    I hope it's not too much of a bother that I have 2 threads side by side Currently I have a design featuring a single bay dual deployment, featuring a nosecone w/ payload at the top, then the recovery bay containing the parachutes, tenders, and a system (undecided) to pressurize the bay, with...