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  1. The_Quacken

    complex L record attempt?

    I want to get a record and im an L2 flyer so I decided on the complex L record. I think its a good mix of go high and not too expensive. current very early design is based off of two wildman mach 2 rockets one with slightly modified fins. i did this cause the mach 2 is A) dirt cheap. and B)...
  2. J

    First HPR two stage question

    Hello. I'm in the planning step of my first HPR two stage and I just want to double check something. Is the sustainer motor alone good enough for separation from the booster and breaking of two sheer pins, or is my only choice to break any sheer pins used a black powder charge? The top section...
  3. robbdm

    Personal Launch Report - Tripoli Las Vega Octoberfest, Jean, NV

    My first launch since pandemic started, last flew at Tripoli San Diego HOVOC launch in March, 2020. Hopefully, spring will bring new regional launches. Good to be back at Jean Dry Lake. Near perfect weather. Hot, sunny, breeze Friday giving way to calm rest of the week. I didn't go to...
  4. robbdm

    Personal Launch Report - 2019 TCC October Skies, Helm , CA

    Great time at Tripoli Central California's October Skies Launch. Breezy Friday and Saturday but pleasant warm, sunny, and clear fall weekend at Maddox Dairy. Several rocket and food vendors to fill the day. Nice crowd, no waits, usually TCC excellence in launches. 5 launches for...
  5. Cameron Anderson

    Best two-stage separation method? (excluding drag)

    The "up" portion of my two-stage flight this weekend went exceedingly well. 3" airframe, AT K400 DMS booster to AT 38/600 i435 RMS in the sustainer to 8,184 feet. The "down" portion was marred by booster buring in ballistically. On-board sustainer video shows clean desperation in just two frames...
  6. cyrus lloyd

    HPR Staging

    Newbie reaching out here on the subject of two stagers. I'm thinking of projects for Bama Blastoff this year and, having recently achieved my L1, though I'd try a more ambitious multistage rocket. I was thinking of using a LOC Goblin as the booster and a LOC Hi Tech H45 as the sustainer (they're...
  7. Cameron Anderson

    Pyro battery circuit plans needed

    Anyone have a circuit diagram or experience with a seperate pyro battery set up for missileworks components? I have a PET2 timer and I want to airstart my second stage with an Aerotech J500. I bought some Wildman Big Uns to test which should be ignitable using the timer only, but I'd like to...