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  1. N

    Premature Drogue Chute Deployment Diagnosis

    Hello rocketeers! This is my first post on here so forgive me for my amateur-level knowledge of terminology and the like. That being said let's get right into it. I have made (my first) two-stage rocket out of a modified Madcow Adventurer. It is made entirely out of fiberglass and Aeropoxy. It...
  2. The_Quacken

    complex L record attempt?

    I want to get a record and im an L2 flyer so I decided on the complex L record. I think its a good mix of go high and not too expensive. current very early design is based off of two wildman mach 2 rockets one with slightly modified fins. i did this cause the mach 2 is A) dirt cheap. and B)...
  3. P

    Open Rocket "exception" error and inability to simulate a whole test when testing a two stage rocket

    Hello! I'm doing a two stage low power rocket in Open Rocket for a competition. However, whatever the shape of my rocket is, the software isn't able to simulate the first stage's flight after it detaches, showing an event called " exception" in the simulation's graph. Also, the graph can't show...
  4. C

    Feasible ways to ignite and Reignite Propellent for High Altitude Rocket

    Hi everyone, I'm currently doing research on ways to ignite and reignite propellent for a rocket this is planning on reaching heights of 100,000 feet. I'm looking specifically for ways to ignite at liftoff as well as for the second stage as this would be for a two-stage rocket. Any help is...