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  1. Aimane Nedjima

    Between using TVC or not..

    We will participate in a rocketry competition and we are confused in using TVC or not, where our rocket weighing 25 kg and aiming to reach an altitude of 3 km. It is our first time in that domain and we hope get help
  2. Teddy D

    I landed my TVC Rocket! Second ever model rocket landing

    Spent the last 4 years working on this rocket and just got my first ever perfect landing! The link is to a YouTube video talking a little more about the design
  3. Starship Moon Lander Variant Sub Parts

    Starship Moon Lander Variant Sub Parts

    Model by Guy Gehlhausen, 3D printed parts by Boyce Aerospace Hobbies. No fins, full thrust vector control via BPS Space. 4 inch diameter model F-15
  4. R

    Questions about BPS Space System

    I have some questions regarding the BPS Space system and perhaps others that are developing similar systems. I hope this helps others too. What's the status of usable motors for the BPS Space system? I've seen that Joe Barnard is testing the new system he is working on using the G8. Please...
  5. R

    Stabilization and trajectory control

    I believe the following applies to both model and high-power rockets. I have the referenced sections of NFPA 1122, Model Rocketry that's in the California Fire Marshal handbook. The following is from the handbook. California codes for amateur rockets also stipulate mechanical methods to...
  6. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    PID Tuning Help

    Hi everyone, I am rather in experienced with PID tuning and PID in general, and need some help. I want to tune PID for a model rocket I built with active fin stabilization, and another one with a gimbaled motor. I want to know what is the best way to tune the PID, and what experience anyone has...
  7. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    Thrust Vector Controlled "Hopper" Vehicle

    Hi everyone! Between my busy school schedule, I have manged to finish my hopper before the end of 2020. This will be used to test TVC hardware and software. It's a carbon fiber frame with simple body panels, fully expandable, and modular. So this was based off of Masten Space System's Xombie...
  8. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    TVC Hold Down Test CATO

    Hi everyone! I have decided to do a TVC hold down test recently which resulted in a CATO failure of the E 12-4 motor. The notorius Estes E-12 motors! I have gotten a ton of data from this test (especially the high speed footage) and can't wait to do more tests soon after I finish another TVC...
  9. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    Recent TVC Gimbal Static Fire

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to share the recent static fire of my TVC Gimbal. I am curious about other rocketeer's experience on static fires. Also what are your general thoughts about TVC in the field of model rocketry? What type of test stands have you built too? It seems like static Firing is...
  10. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    9 Motor Cluster (with gimbaled center motor)

    Hi everyone! I have been developing a open source TVC system for model rocket. I then got a crazy Idea of clustering 9 motors. Of course I highly doubt I would attempt this anytime soon, But I was wondering if anyone ever clustered slow burn motors with normal motors. I made a rough CAD design...
  11. R

    Active Stabilization with the help of Thrust Vector Control (TVC)

    Hello, everyone! I'm currently a member of a rocket club in my university. I've been given a task to do the literature research on active sabilization using thrust vector control. My work is to find the current state of art and to make a summary on how to basically do it. Now I've been...