1. How to build and launch the Estes "Taser" Model rocket

    How to build and launch the Estes "Taser" Model rocket

    Complete rundown on how to build and launch safely.
  2. jlabrasca

    CAD Software Modeling an Airfoiled Fin in F360

    Inspired by dr. Wogz Model a Fin tutorial, using the loft tool in Fusion 360 to model an airfoliled fin. The screen shots are from a part for an upscaled EAC Viper, and I modeled this to be milled on a CNC router -- but it doesn't matter except that the fin was milled in halves, which fit...
  3. cwbullet

    New "Using The Rocketry Forum" Tutorial

    The Rocketry Forum How-To Guide: Have you ever wanted to post a photo or video or send a message to a member and struggled to figure out how? This thread is the solution. This thread is an updated forum guide with tips and tricks to using the features and changes associated with XenForo...