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  1. J

    3D Printing Tube Sanding Made Easy

    I designed a Tube Chuck in order to sand tubes faster/easier. Tube Chuck Printables Link Printables model description mentions everything you need to make use of the tube chuck. Why did I make it? I'm glad you asked. I was doing my L3 project and wanted to fiberglass all of the body tubes. I...
  2. A Great Photo of a Zipper

    A Great Photo of a Zipper

    Zippered tube photo
  3. Miles Goodson

    Mid Powered tube rocket?

    So I built a Mid powered rocket, an dit looks like it's going to fly really well. (I have yet to fly) I had some extra tube, and so I built a replica of the same rocket, but with tube fins. I hope to just be able to swap the nosecone out and fly them both on the same day. I did not know how...
  4. Yukon@K-9 Rocket Tech

    Any Experience with Tube Launching model rockets?

    Hi everyone! I'm going to be working on my Javelin missile model rocket soon! The launch tube computer will be controlled by a arduino uno to follow a launch sequence. The idea is to use Co2 to pressurize a 3d printed piston that houses the ignitor to push the vehicle. Then it'll eject the model...