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  1. lowga

    3D Printing 3D Printed Tube Fin Rockets

    Are there any flight-proven designs out there for 3D Printed Tube Fin rockets? I grew up a huge fan of the Centuri Groove Tube, and have built dozens of different tube fin variants since then. Given the possibilities of 3D Printing, it seems like some beautiful rockets could be printed that...
  2. lowga

    Mach 1 4" "Groovy Tube" Questions

    I may be in possession of the only Mach 1 4" "Groovy Tube" fiberglass rocket kit ever sold by the original owners of Mach 1 Rocketry, Ronald Dunn and Steve Skinner. It was a gift to me from the owners, and it's been sitting in the workshop for quite a while. Ronald designed the rocket from an...
  3. lowga

    Centuri Groove Tube Question

    Flying Saturday at our club launch, and I sent my Centuri Groove Tube (built circa 1975) up for it's 60-ish flight. This time on a Quest A3-6 composite motor. We had a good wind, and a lot of rockets were weather-cocking. It got off the bad well, but almost immediately pitched hard into the...
  4. Culprit

    3D Printing COVID Confusion Nose Cone

    Hello! Since paper towels and toilet paper appear to be quite desirable these days, I couldn't just throw the empty tubes away. LOL! I found a good Coronavirus model on Thingiverse and made it into a fitting nose cone in Fusion 360. The virus obviously needs supports, but PrusaSlicer also...
  5. Culprit

    Chocolate Rocket

    This scratch build began with my son taking a knife to a Nerf football and stuffing it into a Tootsie Roll tube coin bank - a small one. He brought it to breakfast and told me he wanted to turn it into the Chocolate Rocket. He sourced some tube fins from the Rolo candy cane tubes you see at...
  6. Miles Goodson

    Mid Powered tube rocket?

    So I built a Mid powered rocket, an dit looks like it's going to fly really well. (I have yet to fly) I had some extra tube, and so I built a replica of the same rocket, but with tube fins. I hope to just be able to swap the nosecone out and fly them both on the same day. I did not know how...
  7. grapetang

    Moonbug 2 Build

    The scratch-built, tube-fin, goony Moonbug of my youth (the original in my current avatar) was lost recently so I'm building a modified replacement. A lot of things seem backwards on this design. Some possible challenges: engine/motor mount axis alignment (2.75" with only one centering ring)...