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  1. RalPh8

    Got my L2 done!

    Got my L2 over the weekend with Tripoli North Texas! Great time launching and meeting folks. Here’s video of the flight: Flight details in the video description.
  2. robbdm

    Personal Launch Report - Tripoli Las Vega Octoberfest, Jean, NV

    My first launch since pandemic started, last flew at Tripoli San Diego HOVOC launch in March, 2020. Hopefully, spring will bring new regional launches. Good to be back at Jean Dry Lake. Near perfect weather. Hot, sunny, breeze Friday giving way to calm rest of the week. I didn't go to...
  3. SandiaMan

    Tripoli Membership Confusion

    Hi all, I'm (optimistically maybe) working on my L1 certification build, but I've hit a bit of a wall, which is my TRA membership itself. I attempted to join on 7/12/2020, but since sending my payment I haven't gotten anything back. I reached out to the HQ email address as well as using the...
  4. prfesser

    2019 TRA Gates Memorial Scholarship

    The Erik Gates Memorial Scholarship was established in memory of Erik Gates, an enthusiastic and dedicated rocketeer. Erik was a member of the Tripoli Rocketry Association's Board of Directors at the time of his untimely death by accident. He will be missed. On behalf of the Scholarship...
  5. Q

    Help the growing passion for rockets in Costa Rica

    Hello everybody I belong to a group of students currently undergoing our studies in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Electrical Engineering at the University of Costa Rica. We have been involved with Aerospace activities as active members of the Aerospace Engineering Group (GIA)...
  6. Rocketman1955


    Custom designed for my Tripoli Level 3 Certification with Rocksim software. All Public Missiles custom cut fiberglass. 12'5" Tall and 7.7" diameter. Launched only three times. Includes custom rocket transport cart and PVC rack pictured. Also includes two Sky Angle Level 3 parachutes, Missile...
  7. gabby8891

    Looking for a new Tripoli prefecture near York, PA

    After living my whole life in Minnesota, my wife is taking advantage of a great offer to advance her career. We will be moving to York, PA at the end of 2018. The TRA website interactive map doesn't work, so I can't tell where the nearby prefectures are, or anything about them. Can anyone give...