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  1. ljwilley

    The Tri-Fire Rocket Build!

    I received an Estes Crossfire rocket for my birthday, but I already had one. I was pondering about what do do, and was about to just put the parts in my "extra parts" bin, when a brilliant, idea came to me! Many of you may be familiar with the Estes Trident rocket, an out of production rocket...
  2. robbdm

    Personal Launch Report - Tripoli HAVOC 4 - Trident Club Project

    Traveled from Northern California to Tripoli San Diego Havoc #4 launch. Held at the Holtville closed airport near the Mexico border. My launches completed for the weekend I caught the launch of the club project - Trident. 20 feet long, ~104 lbs, 7.6 inches wide flying on an Aerotech...