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  1. K'Tesh

    Treed Rockets: Robin Hood Recovery... And Some Warnings

    As satisfying as it sounds, cutting down trees that have caught your rocket is a bad idea... Put down your chainsaw (and cut out the snarky remarks). Here's some ideas to help you get your rocket back. But first a warning: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECOVER your rockets (kites, drones, etc.) that are...
  2. Co-leader of the LRP

    Rocket-Eating Tree Gallery

    I thought it would be funny to start a gallery of rocket-eating trees, as I love trees, but they can sometimes steal your rockets, (as one did to my Estes crossfire ISX) and so I decided to do a search, and, not finding anything, here it is. Post a pic of your rocket-eating tree, stories along...
  3. JimZNJ

    Chute Release back after nearly 2 years in a tree!

    In November 2017 I lost my Estes Pro Series II Nike Smoke and attached Chute Release over 50 feet up in a tree. I tried all sorts of methods to retrieve it, but to no avail. Two weeks ago while attending a club launch at the same site, a gentleman with the crew there to start setting up...