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  1. D


    So I've worked a lot to get transitions correct but I fight against rounding where the transitions meet the body sections. Any suggestions?
  2. H

    Number of Rivets?

    I've built a couple rockets with others, but never the rivets. Now that I'm building a rocket on my own, I realize I don't know how to choose a number of rivets. It seems to me that 3 or 4 rivets is a common number, but I don't know if the right number varies between rockets. Thinking logically...
  3. MoeB

    Online shroud calculators returning results "across the gutter"

    Hi All - years ago the Delorie online shroud calculator worked like a champ on the Windows computers I use at home and work. I've tried to do some shrouds today with it and the New Century Rocketry web version and the pdf / png results are showing up across two pages. In other words, the...