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  1. Stargeezer

    GPS Trackers for Rocket

    Long story short I just got my Level 1 over the weekend and flew it low and slow. But now I might like to reach for the stars as it were lol. I'm terrified of losing my rocket though and am contemplating investing in some sort of tracking system. I know these "egg timers" are suggested but yes...
  2. T

    GPS Tracking Effectiveness in Electronics Bay vs. Nose Cone

    Hello all! I am in the process of designing the first rockets that I'd like to use head-end deployment on, similar to the Wildman Punisher and other similar rockets. With this setup, I find it likely that the GPS tracker I'm using, the Featherweight tracker, will have to be in the avionics...
  3. macking

    Long Range GPS Tracking

    Hello, I am new both on the forum and into rocketry so apologies if I make any mistakes! I am working on developing the GPS recovery system for my rocketry club and have been considering two options 1) Developing my own tracking system & ground station 2) Buying out-of-the-box solutions For...
  4. lowga

    Eggfinder LCD Question

    I own a Eggtimer GPS system (900 MHz) that I purchased assembled from another rocketeer. The receiver is mounted in a case, and currently has version 1.09e of the firmware. Looks like I need to update that. The board is marked REV A2. I have no idea what the purpose of the daughter board below...
  5. Cameron Anderson

    Transmission range impact?

    I admit my ignorance in terms of antennas and GPS/telemetry transmission range. This is an AIM XTRA 2.0. I added the two 90 degree elbows to fit my antenna into my av bay. Will the addition of the elbows increase transmission range, decrease range, or have a negligible impact on range?
  6. Mrgbus

    Have a chance to buy Real Flight Systems Basestation 2 and Accessories

    I'm not very familiar with the system but looks pretty basic. I've got a really good price for it, just not sure whether to pull the trigger or not. NE1 want to enlighten me? Thank you for your help!
  7. P

    Sold Com-Spec 222MHz Tracking System

    I have the Com-Spec system for tracking rockets. I've had great success with this but I will be changing to a different system. I have the R-300 receiver. I originally paid $300 for this. I also have two AT-2B transmitters on channels 71 and 331 (222.470 and 223.310 MHz, respectively). These...
  8. jddj

    Sold Big Red Bee 70cm pkg

    Selling a Big Red Bee Beeline 70cm UHF transmitter + battery + SMA + charger/programmer package: The package from BigRedBee, including the 70cm TX, an SMA connector and straight antenna, LiPo battery and charger/programmer goes for $97 retail, at this writing. Throwing in a couple right-size...