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  1. P

    SOLD Com-Spec 222MHz Tracking System

    I have the Com-Spec system for tracking rockets. I've had great success with this but I will be changing to a different system. I have the R-300 receiver. I originally paid $300 for this. I also have two AT-2B transmitters on channels 71 and 331 (222.470 and 223.310 MHz, respectively). These...
  2. kswing

    Android GPS Tracking App

    I had been using Rocket Locator on my Android tablet, but, recently it stopped working with Google maps, so, I'm working on developing my own app with somewhat similar functionality. I have a prototype working and somewhat functional, but, it is very rough. So far it plots the NMEA location...
  3. E

    Interested in cheap GPS trackers?

    Hello! I am new to this forum but not new at rocketry. I searched around the site but just could not find something like this. Pardon me if I might have missed it or if its the wrong place to post this. After investigating the different methods of tracking for my level 2 rocket, I came to the...
  4. billdz

    Cheap cellular trackers update -- and where are the 3Gs?

    In August 2017 I read a thread in this forum entitled "Keychain GPS Trackers" (https://www.rocketryforum.com/threads/keychain-gps-trackers.141846/) that started me on a seemingly never-ended quest for a cheap (under $35), reliable cellular GPS tracker that would work with a free FreedomPop sim...
  5. lowga

    TrackSoar V2 Available Now

    Version 2 of the APRS 2-Meter TrackSoar tracker has been introduced, and is available for pre-orders now. A great solution for rocketeers who not only want to track and recover their rockets, but also want to capture real-time telemetry during the flight. I've flown the original TrackSoar on...