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  1. A-N-D-R-E-W

    Sold Featherweight GPS Tracker/Ground Station

    Hello TRF, I'm going through some rocket things and will be thinning some stuff out. I have a Featherweight GPS unit for sale. Ground Station, Tracker, Batteries for both, and a charging cable for the ground station. Asking $210 shipped USPS Flat Rate Box. Would prefer Paypal for payment if...
  2. Ralph M Bohm

    Xoss GPS Trackers, anyone use one?

    Hello all, Has anyone used a Xoss GPS tracker? I've received mine and looking for a 3D-printed mount and thought maybe someone has already made one for it. Ralph
  3. T

    GPS Tracking Effectiveness in Electronics Bay vs. Nose Cone

    Hello all! I am in the process of designing the first rockets that I'd like to use head-end deployment on, similar to the Wildman Punisher and other similar rockets. With this setup, I find it likely that the GPS tracker I'm using, the Featherweight tracker, will have to be in the avionics...
  4. R

    Help with eggfinder hand held tracker

    I recently bought a eggfinder hand held tracker, and have soldered all the parts on. It seemed fine till I tried to turn it on, and it did not come to life. If anyone could help me with this, it would be greatly appreciate, as I don’t fully know how to trouble shoot things like this.
  5. RalPh8

    Eggtimer GPS question

    I just finished building the “whole enchilada” Eggtimer starter pack. And I have to say I’m very impressed! What seemed intimidating in the beginning quickly became a rapid way to perfect my soldering skills and increase my confidence in building electronics! Thank you! I love the fact it gives...
  6. RalPh8

    Wow. Marco Polo is amazing

    So I know I'm not the first and definitely won't be the last but if you havent tried the Marco Polo tracker yet for your rockets... then you're missing out! As far as bang for your buck It's got to be the best tracker in it's price range that is turn key ready. I launched a LOC Aura on a G74...
  7. P

    Sold Com-Spec 222MHz Tracking System

    I have the Com-Spec system for tracking rockets. I've had great success with this but I will be changing to a different system. I have the R-300 receiver. I originally paid $300 for this. I also have two AT-2B transmitters on channels 71 and 331 (222.470 and 223.310 MHz, respectively). These...
  8. kswing

    Android GPS Tracking App

    I had been using Rocket Locator on my Android tablet, but, recently it stopped working with Google maps, so, I'm working on developing my own app with somewhat similar functionality. I have a prototype working and somewhat functional, but, it is very rough. So far it plots the NMEA location...
  9. E

    Interested in cheap GPS trackers?

    Hello! I am new to this forum but not new at rocketry. I searched around the site but just could not find something like this. Pardon me if I might have missed it or if its the wrong place to post this. After investigating the different methods of tracking for my level 2 rocket, I came to the...
  10. billdz

    Cheap cellular trackers update -- and where are the 3Gs?

    In August 2017 I read a thread in this forum entitled "Keychain GPS Trackers" ( that started me on a seemingly never-ended quest for a cheap (under $35), reliable cellular GPS tracker that would work with a free FreedomPop sim...
  11. lowga

    TrackSoar V2 Available Now

    Version 2 of the APRS 2-Meter TrackSoar tracker has been introduced, and is available for pre-orders now. A great solution for rocketeers who not only want to track and recover their rockets, but also want to capture real-time telemetry during the flight. I've flown the original TrackSoar on...