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  1. C

    Dual Deploy from a Single Compartment Questions

    Hey everyone, I'm the project lead for the CU SRL's Obsidian rocket and for our flight we will be using a dual deploy system from a single compartment. We have some design problems that we are currently trying to figure out and are hoping y'all could give some thoughts/tips. To give some...
  2. Miles Goodson

    Mid Powered tube rocket?

    So I built a Mid powered rocket, an dit looks like it's going to fly really well. (I have yet to fly) I had some extra tube, and so I built a replica of the same rocket, but with tube fins. I hope to just be able to swap the nosecone out and fly them both on the same day. I did not know how...
  3. cwbullet

    Tips and rules for the Yard Sale section

    Originally posted by Kevin (TROJ) but edited by cwbullet: Tips and Rules: Items that are aerospace-oriented (rocketry, R/C, control-line, etc) are acceptable for listing in this area. It is strongly encouraged that pictures be included when posting items for sale. Motors and other items with...
  4. cwbullet

    3D Printing TIPS for better 3D Prints

    This thread is a list of 3D printing tips. If you have an addition, post a thread and send me a link to the thread by PM or Conversation. Tip Links: First Layer Tips Information on 3D printer bed surface preparation Sweet method for bed preparation Fixing layer shifting Prusa: Status of and...
  5. Interstellar

    Tips and Guidelines for Aerodynamic Stability?

    I've been designing a simple one stage rocket with OpenRocket, which allows the user to design and simulate their designs. I was always told that a general rule of thumb for a rockets stability is that the center of gravity should be 1-2 calibers above the center of pressure. With this rule...