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  1. Jose Saura

    3D Printing Suggestions for testing 3D printed parts

    This thread is for gathering suggestions on how to evaluate the strength of 3D printed components before flying. For example, how do you ensure a fincan can sustain the forces of a given motor, that the nose cone won't shatter, that the fins won't break upon landing or the shock cord won't...
  2. P

    Motor Test Stand for M Class Motors

    How to design a rocket test stand for M class motors? I have searched a lot but I did not find any resourceful thread on high power rocket test stand. Just to give an example, I want to design a test stand for Cesaroni Pro 75 M 2020 Motor. Thankyou!. Any designs or links to other threads are...
  3. L

    Alternative Igniter

    Hello All, I was thinking of planning some testing for an igniter design but wanted some feedback about my idea first. I was watching slow motion YouTube videos when I came across a couple slo-mo clips of a shotgun primer going off, Watch starting at 1:58 m, Watch starting at 5:00 m, It...