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  1. Cameron Anderson

    Transmission range impact?

    I admit my ignorance in terms of antennas and GPS/telemetry transmission range. This is an AIM XTRA 2.0. I added the two 90 degree elbows to fit my antenna into my av bay. Will the addition of the elbows increase transmission range, decrease range, or have a negligible impact on range?
  2. lowga

    AIM Xtra 3.0 Information

    Gheem on "The Rocketry Show" podcast #88 mentioned the AIM XTRA GPS/Telemetry/Altimeter package from "Off We Go Rocketry." Checking on their web site, I see only the 2.0 hardware version currently available for sale--but Gheem mentioned a newer 3.0 version that is now available. The Rocketry...
  3. Mrgbus

    Have a chance to buy Real Flight Systems Basestation 2 and Accessories

    I'm not very familiar with the system but looks pretty basic. I've got a really good price for it, just not sure whether to pull the trigger or not. NE1 want to enlighten me? Thank you for your help!
  4. C

    Arduino Radio Transceiver

    Hi, I am wanting to transmit GPS coordinates and altitude from an Arduino onboard a model rocket that will go 1km high, to another Arduino on the ground. The purpose is just to assist in finding the rocket once it lands. I was needing something cheap but also not too large (about 3-4cm). I was...
  5. unalfaruk

    About Multi-Transmitter & Single Receiver Telemetry System

    We are working on a model rocket project, it will carry a scientific payload and it will be launched to 3 km altitude. We have a data link between the rocket and the ground station, we are using RFM96W pair now. However, we need to get data from the payload so our receiver should be able to...
  6. unalfaruk

    Redundant Telemetry Design

    We are, as a team, a competitor for model rocket competition. And we need to use two flight computers in the rocket and two ground control stations(GCS) for redundancy. We can design our custom computer and custom GCS, however, we can't predict the risks of using two telemetries together for...
  7. unalfaruk

    Advices for Custom Flight Computer and Telemetry

    Hi everyone! I'm newbie here, while I was researching about model rocket studies, I found this forum and signed up here :) Here are lots of information and I want to follow them always. However, I want you to guide me for our student project. We are a team which is a competitor for...
  8. diamoeba

    Publicly accessible flight data set?

    Hi! I'm a member of the UVic (University of Victoria) Rocketry team, and I'm trying to find a publicly accessible collection of flight data from a large number of amateur high-power rocket flights. I'm most interested in altitude, location, and/or acceleration data over time, but any sort of...
  9. lowga

    TrackSoar V2 Available Now

    Version 2 of the APRS 2-Meter TrackSoar tracker has been introduced, and is available for pre-orders now. A great solution for rocketeers who not only want to track and recover their rockets, but also want to capture real-time telemetry during the flight. I've flown the original TrackSoar on...