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  1. T

    Telemetrum: Broken accelerometer?

    Hello everyone! Recently replaced the battery charging IC on our telemetrum after connecting to a battery with the wrong polarity. Now it turns on fine, happily connects to GPS and triggers igniters but the acceleration readings seem a bit off (acceleration in table tab of AltOS). I should be...
  2. Alby

    Yard Sale of Altus Metrum Stuff (TeleMetrum, EasyMini TeleBT)

    I'm selling my flight computer gear, as personal finance issues have created a need for cash. As a result I've put my TeleMetrum, EasyMini, and TeleBT up for sale on eBay. The highest bidder wins. I will not accept "I'll Buy It For X" offers. Please put in your highest offer on eBay, as I...
  3. rocketjet787

    Found AltusMetrum Flight Computer

    Hello, I am looking for a Telemetrum, TeleGPS, or Telemega that someone would be willing to seperate with. Everywhere I have looked appears to be out of stock and I was hoping to put one in my BALLS project this year. If your potentially interested in selling one, please let me know! Thanks!
  4. L

    Big differences between Ob-Board data and Transmitted data | Telemetrum V2.0 Board

    Hi dear Rocketryforum, We are a group of students from the Technical University of Berlin. On 11.4.2022 our hot-water-rocket was launched. We used the Altus Telemtrum v2.0 board to record and transmit the telemetry of the flight. Unfortunately, the recovery system was not triggered during...
  5. S

    AltOS Fire Igniter Trouble

    I am having an issue to where when I try to fire the igniter through the software and it is not firing despite it saying it is ready. I do the arming and firing sequence correctly as well as in I arm and then fire it well before the countdown goes to zero. I'm using the MJG Fire initiator wires...
  6. rensr

    TeleMetrum Antenna Issue

    I was trying to fix the antenna to the plate but it broke how can i fix my new problem. Thanks.